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Standardized Medicare Plans

Standardized plans A-J

Standardized plans K-L

For 2010, the deductibles have been raised for Medicare Part A and Part B.   The Part A deductible is $1100, and the Part B deductible is $155.  The skilled nursing facility copays for days 21-100 have increased to $137.50 per day.

There are basic benefits that every Medicare Supplement plan will cover.  Without a Medigap plan, if an individual is only on Medicare, they will be responsible for these copays.

With only having traditional Medicare Parts A and B, the copays for the basic benefits are as follows -

Part A hospital days 61-90 have a $275 copay per day.  For days 91-150, there is a $550 copay per day for the lifetime reserve days.  Beyond the 150 lifetime reserve days, for the next 365 days, the individual would pay 100% of all costs if they relied solely on Medicare.  There is also a Part A and B blood deductible for the first 3 pints of blood.

Every Medicare Supplement Plan A through L will cover the basic benefits.  The plans features are as follows.

Plan A l Plan B l Plan C l Plan D l Plan E l Plan F l Plan F Prime Plan G l Plan H l Plan I l Plan J l Plan J Prime l Plan K l Plan L

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