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Inclusive Health Insurance in North Carolina

Inclusive Health is part of the North Carolina Health Insurance Risk Pool, and allows people that are typically uninsurable with these conditions to get insurance coverage that has been subsidized to keep the premiums down.  For customers that have limited income, there is even an additional assistance application available to see if you qualify for extra help. 

Use the NC Inclusive Health Application if you are virtually uninsurable, and are ready to have finally have health insurance coverage. There is also an enrollment checklist to help you out.

Here is the 2010 Inclusive Health Rate card

Inclusive Health Insurance of North Carolina also has several plans available with different deductibles and different premiums.

Outline of Coverage for all plans listed below

Complete Benefits Schedule for each plan below                PPO 1000 l PPO 2500 l PPO 3500 l HDHP 5000

Want to see if your prescriptions are covered?              Formulary Drug List l Specialty Drug List

Looking for HSA information? Here is the HSA Application

Once you are approved, they will send you an ID card.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me, or read the Inclusive Health FAQ's.



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