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Map of Columbus County, North Carolina With Municipal and Township Labels

What to do for fun in Columbus county? Try these ideas!

Visit the North Carolina Museum of Forestry, where trees come to life, railroad depot museums and walk main streets with shopping and local diners. Or you can enjoy Lake Waccamaw, one of the largest natural lakes between New York and Florida, a kayak or canoe trip down the Lumber River, designated as a “Wild and Scenic River” by the US Department of Interior or experience an afternoon of fishing or hunting at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park. You can even visit a zoo!

Not all geologists believe Lake Waccamaw belongs to the Bladen Lake group, which may have been formed by meteorites. Dredges have brought up old charred tree stumps, and they support a theory that the lake is the basin left by a prehistoric peat fire. It is the largest natural Lake between Maine and Florida. Lake Waccamaw has a dam that serves to keep the Lake from shrinking in dry weather. The Waccamaw dam was built in 1926 by the state.

Lake Waccamaw has four feeders, called First Little, Second Little and Third Little Creeks and then Big Creek. Underground springs swell the creeks.

Originially Lake Waccamaw was inhabited by Indians. A place still called Indian Mounds is on the east shore and, on the site of one mound, it is said nothing will grow. From the "News Reporter", the following article appeared in March, 1909. A writer for the paper had an interview with Kinchen Council, Columbus County Historian of the day. Mr. Council said that the great Indian Chieftain, Osceola, Who so valiantly led the Seminoles of Florida in their war against the whites was born on Lake Waccamaw. He was born either in Columbus County, or his mother gave birth to him shortly after the U.S. had moved the Indians from this section to Georgia. Mr. Council's impression was that Osceola was a child at the time of removal. As history states, Osceola was a half - breed, his father being one of the leading men of that day in our county. So Osceola inherited the brain and valor of the white race, blended with the craft and strategy characteristic of the Indian. He was undeniably the greatest organizer and warrior that the prolonged struggle between the whites and aborigines produced. History concedes that, and the government has a heroic statue of Osceola on exhibition in the City of Washington.


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