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TransAmerica Life Insurance Plans

TransAmerica has everything that anyone could want regarding life insurance.  They have simplified issue whole life insurance policies, underwritten whole life insurance policies, fully underwritten term coverage, term with return of premium, paid up policies, universal life insurance, interest sensitive life insurance, and graded life insurance.

Some things that set TransAmerica apart from their competitors is that they will write anyone from ages 0-85, they have policies for people that would be uninsurable by any of my other carriers, and they don't charge smoking rates on certain products.  TransAmerica will also allow us to mail bills out monthly, which many carriers will not allow.

I primarily use their products when people in North Carolina are looking for insurance when they have difficult health conditions or when they are looking for term insurance.  TransAmerica has very competitive rates on their term insurance, and some of the best term insurance with return of premium rates around.

Their return of premium product allows customers to buy a large face amount typical of a term product, but at the end of the 20 or 30 year term, the customer can either get back every dime of premium that they have paid into the policy, or they can let the company keep the money, and will get a fully paid up policy.

This option is almost always less expensive than whole life insurance, and allows for a lot more benefit up front.  It is for people under 60 years old, and if someone has permanent needs but a lot of other reasons to have insurance besides final expense, this is almost always the way to go.  It is a foreign concept for most buyers of life insurance, but chances are it could be the best thing for you and your family.

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