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AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP has to be one of the most recognized Medicare Supplement carriers in the insurance industry.  They specialize in the Plan F, but have several more plans to offer.

Probably the biggest advantage of AARP over several other carriers in North Carolina are that they have very lenient underwriting.  They will allow anyone without End Stage Renal Disease to change over to their Medicare Supplement, regardless of their other health conditions.  This is a great plan for people that are paying over approximately $167 a month with their current company. 

Many seniors sign up for an attained age policy when they are 65 because they carry the best rates up front.  As time goes on and health complications arise, many don't know that they are eligible to switch from their current carrier to AARP.  Although they don't carry the lowest rates in the state, when it comes to underwriting, they lead the pack. 

AARP is also a community-rated company, meaning that a 85 year old pays the same thing as a 68 year old, and they have only averaged increases in the 3-5% area, making it an ideal program for people that are tired of their premiums jumping 10-30% a year with other companies. 

AARP also offers a $2 monthly discount for paying on an EFT draft, as well as a 5% family discount if the spouse carries an AARP Medicare Supplement.  They also offer discounts for signing up early when in open enrollment at age 65.

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